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Hi and welcome. This is a group where you can blog about problems in your head. If you suffer from any forms of depression, anxiety,stresses. I do not have solutions, Just a place to talk. Blog me websites that can help. Your thoughts, Your dramas that you have been through, any stigmas that you face. I am here to give you comfort and encougement. And make friends with others that face the same hurdles as I do with having a mental illness. There is no stigma in this group- just support and encougement. And thank you for joining my group. May it cheer you up each day in a positive way! From Rachie Rees

Has anyone had a minor/ major miscarraige?

Posted By Rachie Rees on Mar 27, 2008 at 3:49PM

Hi my friendly sugars:

I went to the Dr yesterday; to discover I suffered a little miscarriage.
I was only carrying for a month, the dr's told me it was due to my meds;Lithium, the choice is get sick with the bipolar and become pregnant, or stay well and handle these, by taking the pill.

I am still all emotional at my loss, but know the would be child will be in heaven, and it is reassuring I can have kids, as I am now 30. I guess I feel much grief and devastation. my husband is supportive, and I guess for the child it is better it was'nt born as I would need much support carrying it and once it was born. So It was saved that grief in it's life( Her).

anyway- I needed to talk and would appreciate any response, thoughts.

Dealing,living with Bipolar disorder(Manic Depression)!

Posted By Rachie Rees on Mar 4, 2008 at 6:08PM

Hi Sugars,

It has been a while since my last post,

Do any of you guys suffer from this too, when you have Bipolar your emotions are out of kilter, you are extreme in what you feel, more than the average!

Daily you fight it, but it is to no end....it is still there, you take meds to try to cope, but it is still there.
I got mine as a result of sexual trauma when I was a teen. I still remember the day It set in I was 18 and I just could not stop screaming, yet no one would help.

Now I have the stigma- my family don't see me, they see my illness, minus my big brother, he does'nt.
Somedays I feel desperately lonely other days I feel like I am the most popular, This whole illness sucks, my fellow sufferers can understand.

You feel you are trapped behind what your emotions do, you want to get out, but you are repressed and regularly express the opposite of how you really are and feel. It is like a big iron door. or a big hand pushing your head down so you can't be you!

Please blog to me, if you can relate.

Your Friend Rachie Rees

Do you agree with your diagnoses?

Posted By Holly J on Oct 25, 2007 at 6:57AM

Ok everyone.
We have all gone to doctors who told us we had certain mental health issues,disorders,whatever. If your like me, you have been diagnosed with a bunch of crap. Do you tend to believe the doctors diagnoses or only some of them. I had a few doctors tell me I was bi-polar (complete bull), I had one said I was fine (uh..doc, when you smash your own hand at 12 just to get out of piano class, your mos def not normal in the head), and I had one doctor tell me they thought I was borderline, which after much research, I agree with.

How about you guys???
Share your stories
wish these meds were availablewish these meds were available


Posted By Holly J on Oct 24, 2007 at 6:51AM

Ok please help me with this!!
Last night, I had a night class. There is a kid in my class (a male) who I talk to. Note, I talk to lots of people in my class, men and women, but I happen to take two classes with this kid, so we do chat more in comparison then I do with other classmates. Anyway, he seems very sad (his in a transitional period in his life with school,friends etc) and he's a writer too and a christian, so I enjoy talking to him, and want to be a friendly person to him. Anywho, I had dinner with him after class last night. It was totally unplanned and totally platonic!!!!! The kid is in love with some girl, and I am VERY MUCH IN LOVE WITH MY BOYFRIEND of over three years. Heres the problem:
When I met my boyfriend, I use to go out with lots of guys(as friends) but as my boyfriend and I got closer, and I also happened to stop going out drinking and druggin(I was a bad girl when we met), I stopped hanging out with lots of people. I feel there is no problem making friends with the opposite sex as long as it is not leading somewhere romantic, but when I called my boy later and told him where I was, he was VERY hurt. He feels like I went out on a date, even though I paid for my meal and everything like that. I am very upset now, because I KNOW I didn't do anything wrong, but my boyfriend doesn't agree. We usually do not argue or disagree, and I hate that I hurt him, and am not sure how to smooth it over. I don't like how relationships cage you and who you can be friends with, and I tell my man he can hang out with other girls, but since the opportunity hasn't come up for either of us recently, jealousy issues have never been tested, or really thought about.
I had a very abusive relationship when I was younger, and I lost a lot of friends, because the guy I dated isolated me from both my girl friends and guy friends. I do not want to ever go back down that road again. However, I do not want my boyfriend to feel bad whenever I hang out with another guy, at least to the point he feels trully insecure, or stops trusting me, or feeling secure with the relationship. I also don't want him to start talking to girls and going out with them, just to "beat me at my own game"
I am sorry this is so long, but I do not know how to handle this!!! PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME WITH ADVICE. Am I being retarded here? I know a lot of people would feel like my boyfriend does, but I feel you miss out on a lot of good people when you close off the opposite sex to your significant other!
cute couple..with stupid problemscute couple..with stupid problems

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New to Group

Posted By ereshkigal1984 on Sep 21, 2007 at 9:09AM

Hello all.
I'm Cherise. I'm a 23 year old bipolar and diabetic. Right now I'm looking for support with my bipolar. I currently take two medications for the bipolar: depakote and zoloft. I'm still having problems though. Especially more recently.

More personally I'm married to Mitch. We married on July 26th, 2007. I love him very much and know that he would never cheat on me and loves me very deeply, but because of past issues I have problems with not believing that. I know it deals a lot with my bipolar. A few days ago I accused Mitch of flirting with a girl at Hot Topic. I know he's not the type to do that because he's never done it before at all. I realized that it was my past issues coming out.

Anyways has anyone had this type of trouble in relationships?


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I'm new to this group

Posted By breann on Aug 19, 2007 at 8:22AM

My story is somewhat long, but I am looking for friends on here who can understand what its like to be depressed and how hard it can be at times to get through those tough days.

I just recently got out of a hospital that treats people with bi-polar, gad, major depression and people who attempt suicide.

I have major depression, gad, and have suicidal thoughts. My doctor has me on lexapro, 15mg and I think its working, but I wake up in the mornings still incredible sad and not sure how to keep myself busy at times. I also take klonopins 1mg twice a day for my anxiety.

What I learned in one of my coping groups while at the hospital is that Suicide is NOT an option, it is a permanent action for a temporary problem. I don't think I will ever forget that and now if I feel like I might have a suicidal thought I say that to myself out load, it really does help!

I'm here for support and to give support, if anyone would like to talk or just needs to vent feel free to contact me! I am still new to this website but so for I love it and it keeps my mind focused on more positive things:)

Nice to meet everyone and look forward to talking!


update: appointment with the Dentist

Posted By Rachie Rees on Aug 16, 2007 at 5:07PM

Good news Sugars,

For those of you who have been following my story. I now have had my full dental treatment covered by the govt. and i start to get my mouth restored on Tuesday, The whole treatment is $2345.00 nz So that is heaps but better than the last quote which was $5000.00nz ,I don't like going to the dentist but it has to be done.

I have to take important medication to protect my heart as I have a heart murmer before I start treatment. And the dentist is a very kind Lady so that makes me feel safer too.

Screensavers and backgrounds you may love!

Posted By Rachie Rees on Jul 29, 2007 at 4:47PM

more cool pics for the sugar ladys of teamsugar.
please copy these for yourself...to make your day brighter, to feel better!

update: appointment with the Dentist

Posted By Rachie Rees on Jul 16, 2007 at 8:45PM

I went to the dentist this morning for my first examination- the result is my teeth can be saved but the cost is $1000.00 nz dollars, with some root canals and wisdom teeth taken out.

I may be able to get the govt to pay as it is related to the medication I was taking which was seroquel- it rotted my teeth and has caused them to snap off, and when My wisdom teeth came through last year they we rotten when they were growing in my mouth.

It is a relief they can be saved, they don't have to be knocked out and replaced with falses.

more updates as things progress!

more peaceful pictures for your therapy

Posted By Rachie Rees on Jul 15, 2007 at 4:07AM

A selection of photo's for your enjoyment, found on picasa!

Please enjoy, steal for yourself, and be calm!